hardier hardier  /ˈhɑr di ər/


  1. (n) United States slapstick comedian who played the pompous and overbearing member of the Laurel and Hardy duo who made many films (1892-1957)
  2. (n) English novelist and poet (1840-1928)
  3. (adj) having rugged physical strength; inured to fatigue or hardships
  4. (adj) able to survive under unfavorable weather conditions
  5. (adj) invulnerable to fear or intimidation


  1. Fruit and nut trees provide additional income or even subsistence food, especially in times of drought, since trees are generally hardier than crops.
  2. To cut costs, they're using hardier grasses like fescue in the Pacific Northwest and paspalum in Hawaii, Florida and Majorca.
  3. A hardier band of explorers shoot for the big enchilada: hiking the entire length of the trail, some 5 million footsteps.


  • Italy caught between youth and experience

    Although a noble effort, it seems that this tournament was a step too far for this Italy side. They'll be glad that will be said about such a minor tournament, but in truth they've been caught in a generational gap. The forerunners of the team are of the hardier stock that prevailed in 2006, the last of a dying breed of Italian international that got by on know-how, with their technique ...
    on June 30, 2013     Source: SB Nation


  1. US Congressman Rob Bishop described it as "Aircraft that is lighter, faster, it is tougher, it is hardier, it is better for this nation."
    on Jul 8, 2010 By: Rob Bishop Source: ABC 4

  2. ("We use a lot of butter in our Minneapolis location," McCormick said. "You wouldn't believe how much butter. I guess it's a hardier climate."
    on Feb 8, 2010 By: William McCormick Source: Palm Beach Post

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