hardback hardback  /ˈhɑrd ˌbæk/


  1. (n) a book with cardboard or cloth or leather covers
  2. (adj) having a hard back or cover


  1. Ixtlan is a hardback bestseller, and its paperback sales, according to Castaneda's agent Ned Brown, will make its author a millionaire.
  2. A year earlier I had sent the hardback to the English department in Fuling.
  3. Random House and Ballantine Books jointly paid Vidal an advance approaching $1 million for hardback and paperback rights.


  • Prince Philip leaves hospital after surgery

    LONDON — Britain's Prince Philip was discharged from a London hospital on Monday, 10 days after undergoing exploratory surgery on his abdomen. Philip, also known as the Duke of Edinburgh, smiled and shook hands with medical staff as he walked steadily from the London Clinic, clutching a thick hardback book. Buckingham Palace said Philip was "in good condition and good spirits." The husband of ...
    on June 17, 2013     Source: Boston Herald


  1. "It does feel like an accomplishment, kind of going to the adults table with a hardback cover," Handey said in a recent interview. "It does feel like, OK, this is playing with the big boys."
    on Apr 12, 2008 By: Jack Handey Source: FOXNews

  2. "The hardback version ended with an intact family," Elizabeth Edwards said of her decision to add a chapter to the book. "To make it honest, the next chapter had to be present."
    on Jun 30, 2010 By: Elizabeth Edwards Source: Charlotte Observer

  3. "I was apprehensive when I first heard," Crumey said. "A hardback has prestige and everyone likes to have that on their shelf. But I'm pleased now that my friends will be able to afford to buy it rather than waiting a year."
    on Nov 29, 2007 By: Andrew Crumey Source: Mail & Guardian Online

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