hammiest hammiest


  • (adj) affectedly dramatic; overacted


  1. O'Hara has the meatiest, or hammiest, role as a has-been diva who by Oscar-nomination time has transformed, or shall we say mutilated, herself into a figure of grotesque glamour.
  2. Blackouts shamelessly parades some of the hoariest and hammiest tricks known to vaudeville, plus a few from burlesque.
  3. The hammiest scenes and lines have been left intact, and are played straight.


  • 'Passion' review: De Palma regurgitates everything in his bag of tricks

    By Alonso Duralde LOS ANGELES (TheWrap.com) - There's a great vintage "Saturday Night Live" sketch where host Kirk Douglas does a fake ad for the album "Kirk's Greatest Kirks," featuring the actor impersonating Kirk Douglas impersonators (Rich Little, Frank Gorshin, etc.). Doing so requires the actor to repeat his most famous movie lines in the hammiest and most overdone way possible. "Passion ...
    on August 3, 2013     Source: Reuters via Yahoo! News

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