half-hourly half-hourly


  1. (adj) occurring ever half hour
  2. (adv) every thirty minutes, every half hour


  1. The bikes, which are available from over 1,421 stations around the city, can be rented on a half-hourly basis (1 euro for the first half hour and 2 euros for the second half hour .
  2. Its half-hourly news bulletins are broadcast in both languages from its studios south of Paris; an Arabic version is planned for next year, and there are even provisional plans for .
  3. Then a ferry ride (half-hourly) across the Tagus to Brando.


  • "It has been a long time coming, but with the final confirmation that the new service will be starting on Monday we should celebrate the achievement and not focus on the delay," said Mr Lewis. "The new half-hourly service will make such a big...
    on May 14, 2009 By: Huw Lewis Source: WalesOnline

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