habanera habanera


  1. (n) music composed in duple time for dancing the habanera
  2. (n) a Cuban dance in duple time


  1. As he dum-tada-ta-ed the habanera from Carmen ("Greasy cup and dirty plate, I'll wash you up immaculate, da ta") in a caf kitchen, Dishwasher Bert Lahr learned, that he had won .
  2. Ever since 1875 when Emperor Franz Josef shook his royal britches to the tune of the Afro-Cuban habanera, the world has imported a remarkably large part of its popular music .


  • Beer, Bach and the not-so-velvet underground

    Buzz is an alumna of the Beer School at Gene McCarthy’s. The class we attended was titled “Classical Music and Beer.” A sultry Ravel Habanera was matched with a white ale. A Blonde Bock made the Prelude from Bach’s First Cello Suite go down mighty easy.
    on November 12, 2013     Source: The Buffalo News

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