gusto gusto  /ˈɡə ˌstoʊ/


  • (n) vigorous and enthusiastic enjoyment



  1. I knew why the gusto had gone out of the nurse's voice.
  2. When the two pose for pictures, they ham it up with gusto.
  3. Towers, while not quite so varied as Fellowship in its moods and settings, has a grave gusto that energizes every moment.


  1. Developing market investors are in retreat and everyone has a different explanation

    The problem with hot money coming into developing countries is that when the tide reverses, it does so with destructive gusto. Since the financial crisis hit in 2008, first-world central banks have pumped ...
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Quartz via Yahoo! Finance

  2. Greek Fest on the Hill in San Bernardino celebrated with food, music

    SAN BERNARDINO -- Kefa is a very short Greek word packed with meaning. The word is usually said with gusto and happiness and it perfectly described the mood Saturday at the annual Greek Fest on the Hill. Photos: Annual Greek Fest
    on June 9, 2013     Source: San Bernardino Sun


  1. "I'm going for the gusto," Arenas said. "I'm going for that winner. The funny part is I was sitting right here before the game and I told DeShawn (Stevenson): 'I feel like 37 and the game-winner tonight.' So when I told him after the game:...
    on Jan 15, 2007 By: Gilbert Arenas Source: Forbes

  2. "Whether creating some of television's most indelible characters, plunging into film roles with joyous gusto or perfecting the art of the quip as a television panellist and host, Betty White has entertained audiences with her impeccable comic timing...
    on Sep 15, 2009 By: Alan Rosenberg Source: BBC News

  3. "We had a very heavy summer, then three weeks off and then we started again with gusto in Bloemfontein," said Flower. "We worked really hard and unfortunately we have picked up some of these niggles. I think in the future we are going to have...
    on Nov 16, 2009 By: Andy Flower Source: BBC Sport

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