guileless guileless  /ˈɡaɪlLəs/


  • (adj) free of deceit


  1. There seemed to be something guileless and nonneurotic about Bush when we first made his acquaintance.
  2. If Lolita, in Dominique Swain's marvelous performance--a mercurial blend of the guileful and guileless--is as much victimizer as victim, well, such creatures are not unknown in life.
  3. Dogs, being guileless, signed and delivered.


  • Jody Rosen on Glee’s Cory Monteith

    Cory Monteith, who died Saturday at age 31, played a nice guy on Glee. Apparently, it wasn’t a stretch. Monteith was from Victoria, British Columbia, and he looked, and acted, like an American’s idea of a Canadian dude: tall, a bit gawky, sweet, guileless. He wasn’t exactly an innocent, though. ... More »        
    on July 16, 2013     Source: Vulture


  1. "She's completely guileless as a character," says Hershey, who stars as the adult Anne in the three-hour made-for-TV movie "Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning," which airs Sunday on CTV. "What she feels, she shows. There's no mystery to...
    on Dec 12, 2008 By: Barbara Hershey Source: Portage Daily Graphic

  2. "The movie seems guileless and rambunctious, but it looks just right (like a Pat Boone musical) and sounds just right (like a Golden Oldies disc) and feels just right (like the first time you sang 'We Shall Overcome' and until then it hadn't...
    on Jul 16, 2007 By: Roger Ebert Source: GreenCine

  3. Wishing, as the American historian Oliver Elsbree put it, "to take the best America had to offer to the heathen world," the missionaries were, Oren writes, "both guileless and patronizing, haughty and unaffected, yet thoroughly...
    on Jan 1, 2007 By: Michael Oren Source: Commentary

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