guileful guileful


  • (adj) marked by skill in deception



  1. In the service of his objectives, he could be, and often was, devious, guileful, manipulative, evasive, dissembling, underhanded, even ruthless.
  2. If Lolita, in Dominique Swain's marvelous performance--a mercurial blend of the guileful and guileless--is as much victimizer as victim, well, such creatures are not unknown in life.
  3. Thus ended the career of one of Communism's most guileful and skillful leaders.


  • "I don't think she's sleeping with him to further her career necessarily," argues Danes. "She is ambitious but she's not guileful or conniving. She wants to succeed but she doesn't want to bring anyone else down necessarily in the process....
    on Dec 3, 2009 By: Claire Danes Source: Independent

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