guarneri guarneri  /ɡɑr ˈnɛ ri/


  1. (n) Italian violin maker and grandson of Andrea Guarneri (1687?-1745)
  2. (n) founder of a family of Italian violin makers (1626?-1698)



  1. In the 1986 book "The Art of Quartet Playing: The Guarneri String Quartet in Conversation With David Blum," Mr. Soyer described the position of a cello in a string quartet as both base and bass.
    on Feb 26, 2010 By: David Soyer Source: New York Times

  2. "The Guarneri has a lot of sheer power but at the same time a sensuous warmth, silkiness and sweetness," Hou says.
    on Jan 11, 2007 By: Yi-Jia Susanne Hou Source: Ottawa Citizen (registration)

  3. "In the first moto I got a really good start and tried to put in some fast lap times," said McFarlane. "I was running third behind Davide (Guarneri) and Billy (Mackenzie) when I had an engine problem and had to pull out. It was pretty much...
    on Aug 28, 2005 By: Andrew McFarlane Source: Fullnoise

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