grumpily grumpily


  • (adv) in an ill-natured manner



  1. The Saturday Evening Post grumpily declared the Johnson Act might as well be repealed, since common sense had been.
  2. Living with heart disease over the long haul usually produces a disciplined and grumpily abstemious character who learns, in time, a sense of quiet gratitude.
  3. Most of the actors grumpily agreed to a cut in salaries if the show would continue.


  1. Man pulls real, cute kitten out of computer

    The kitten is about to come alive. (Credit: Digg/LiveLeak) When you wake up on a Sunday morning to messages from readers that say: "You have to see this," there are a few potential reactions. One: "Oh, someone's trying to get to write about their new, very slightly useless gizmo." Two: "Spam." Three: "This video could actually be worth seeing." Grumpily clicking on "play" on this video posted to ...
    on January 20, 2014     Source: CNET

  2. The Beacon's official preview of 2014's biggest music festivals | Arts & Culture

    As we grumpily walk down Pedestrian Walkway every morning in the bleak winter months, small rays of better days are starting to appear. Festival lineups are beginning to be announced. Even better, spring and summer festival lineups. Imagine warm weather, Chacos without socks, and artists playing live within feet of ...
    on January 15, 2014     Source: The Daily Beacon


  • "We went to a radio interview last year-with the guy on Talk Sport," says Kate. "We walked in and he took one look at us and said grumpily, 'You're not Girls Aloud are you?' We thought, no, we're not! But ten minutes later he was still...
    on Sep 29, 2007 By: Kate Moss Source: Times Online

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