greenish-brown greenish-brown


  • (adj) of brown tinged with green


  1. The illusion is startling: the rest of the painting disappears and the death's-head floats eerily in a greenish-brown blur.
  2. The greenish-brown monsters, standing 23 in.
  3. He filed down his casts to hair-fine detail, worked his own warm greenish-brown patina into their glittery pelts.


  • Black Tomato and Lolla Rossa Salad with Pumpkin Seed Oil Vinaigrette

    One of my more pleasant recent culinary discoveries is cold-pressed pumpkinseed oil. Pumpkinseed oil, which is a staple of German, Austrian and Eastern European cuisine, has a lovely greenish-brown color and the aroma and flavor of roasted pumpkin seeds
    on April 30, 2014     Source: Denver Post

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