greengrocer greengrocer


  • (n) a grocer who sells fresh fruits and vegetables


  1. The range of options can be overwhelming a greengrocer section boasting thirty different varieties of tomato, or have a dozen different shelves stocked with teas.
  2. Into a Hanford, Calif, hospital, interns brought Leonard Henton Cardwell, 58, graduate of a Tennessee medical college, once a practicing physician, now a greengrocer.
  3. One Paris housewife bought a head of cauliflower for 120 francs at her greengrocer's.


  • Cobble Hill Grocery Store Pits Celery Stalks Against Incoming J.Crew

    Chinos or cucumbers? After twelve years in business, Pacific Green has been told to pack up its awnings and vacate its retail space at the corner of Court Street and Pacific in Cobble Hill to make room for a swanky, new two-level J.Crew shop . The greengrocer and corner store's owners have approached its landlord with an offer to pay a higher rent in exchange for an extended lease, but the ...
    on June 19, 2013     Source: New York Magazine

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  1. "Great fast food depends on using top quality ingredients," Ramsay writes. "Finding a good butcher, fish supplier, and farmers' market or greengrocer is the key."
    on Apr 15, 2008 By: Gordon Ramsay Source: Vancouver Sun

  2. "We've had the butcher wasn't paid so meats are not provided to hospitals, the greengrocer - I know that doctors' own salaries are not being paid on time," Ms Skinner said...
    on Oct 15, 2008 By: Jillian Skinner Source: Sydney Morning Herald

  3. "In this revolt the greengrocer steps out of living within the lie," wrote Mr. Havel. "He discovers once more his suppressed identity and dignity. He gives his freedom a concrete significance. His revolt is an attempt to live within the...
    on Dec 23, 2007 By: Vaclav Havel Source: Christian Science Monitor

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