granola granola  /ɡrə ˈnoʊ lə/


  • (n) cereal made of especially rolled oats with dried fruits and nuts and honey or brown sugar


  1. Even stylish staples, such as granola bars and premium ice creams, may give way to still more ambitious fare.
  2. It has also applied for patents covering dozens of business processes, from cereal-storage methods--no one likes stale granola--to ways of combining Kix and Trix in a takeout box.
  3. Jim invented Heartland Natural Cereal, the first mass-market granola, which came in a sepia-toned box.


  1. Creating your own granola

    I love breakfast. I firmly believe that a tasty breakfast can give you a perfect start to a fresh day ahead, and one of my favorite breakfast additions is granola.
    on June 13, 2013     Source: Old Gold & Black

  2. Granola bites pack energy

    I am always on the go, and constantly looking for quick snacks that will boost my energy during the day. I got really sick of all the processed energy snacks and granola bars that saturate the market shelves these days, so I thought, "I just need to make my own." The initial light bulb of an idea seemed easier than actually executing the plan, as I wanted a simple healthy-ish snack, devoid of a ...
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Sentinel & Enterprise

  3. Homemade Granola is sweetly satisfying

    Homemade Granola is typically lower in fat and sugar than store-bought stuff. Feel more comfortable, and make it at home! Homemade Granola – Feel Comforted Ingredients 2 cups old fashioned oats ¾ cup almonds, chopped or sliced 2 tbsp canola …
    on June 12, 2013     Source: CW39 NewsFix

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  1. "I get up just after 7am except on the weekends and holidays, when it is possible to sleep in," Black, previously a famously late-riser, writes. "I eat some granola and go to my workplace where I tutor high school-leaving candidates,...
    on Mar 2, 2009 By: Conrad Black Source: Times Online

  2. Asked if the buffet will include such traditional race-day fare as broccoli, tofu or raisins, Wheeler says, "Granola food? Exactly no one would come. The grandstands would be completely empty. People are not into health food when they come to a...
    on Sep 4, 2007 By: Humpy Wheeler Source: Charlotte Observer

  3. "It's bloody exciting and celebratory to do good things for the environment. It's sexy and I want to make it sexy," says Stewart, wearing Chanel wraparound sunglasses. "I don't want it to be a granola-cruncher, tree-hugger type of thing."
    on Apr 19, 2007 By: Dave Stewart Source:

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