grandad grandad  /ˈɡræn ˌdæd/


  • (n) the father of your father or mother


  1. I mean, you see some 425-pound human being with a Stetson in the Houston airport shoving a Cinnabon into their face, you know, and a 89-pound Thai grandad seeing this just thinks .
  2. Wouldn't Jack spending a lot of time with his grandfather screw events up or create some weird time thing if the "grandad" was actually Jack talking to himself?.



  1. "If Calzaghe gets past grandad Hopkins after I knock out Tarver, he can come looking for me. I'm ready," said Woods.
    on Jan 30, 2008 By: Clinton Woods Source:

  2. "Bob is really busy all the time but we really like to see him," Brown said. "It's nice to have a close relationship. He's like a grandad to me."
    on Jul 22, 2008 By: Louise Brown Source: AFP

  3. "I was so close to my grandad," Beckham said. "To be here, it's something that my grandad was proud of me being a part of. He was so proud of everything in my career and he followed every game. He would call me after every game, every...
    on Dec 3, 2009 By: David Beckham Source:

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