grammatically grammatically


  • (adv) in a grammatical manner


  1. Dancing began as a British hit with the grammatically undiagrammable title Strictly Come Dancing.
  2. After another chat with Graves, he decided to carry his readers directly, and grammatically, back to the scene of his accident.
  3. When he landed at New York's Idlewild Airport, a woman from his publisher's office met him with a copy of the unsigned, poison-pen letterneatly typed, grammatically written and.


  • When signs get it wrong

    From SFGate: It’s that time of year: trips have been booked, plans have been made and bags are being packed as summer travel gears up. While pictures of the sights are nice, it wouldn’t be a vacation without a photo of a grammatically incorrect or otherwise silly sign. Here are a few favorites courtesy of “Signspotting 4: The Art of Miscommunication,” compiled by Doug Lansky. You can upload your ...
    on June 25, 2013     Source:


  1. "We had a lot of Pretty Woman people - that sounds grammatically incorrect," Roberts says. "Our (director of photography) Chuck Minsky shot Pretty Woman, and our prop department. We laughed about a lot of things - particularly how old we'd...
    on Feb 6, 2010 By: Julia Roberts Source: Toronto Sun

  2. "The Second Amendment is naturally divided into two parts: its prefatory clause and its operative clause," wrote justice Scalia for the majority. "The former does not limit the latter grammatically, but rather announces a purpose."
    on Jul 1, 2008 By: Antonin Scalia Source: Lakeland Times

  3. "It's such a formal language, and grammatically, it's one of the most different from ours. It's been a challenge - one that's had a major impact on my writing. More than anything, I feel really good about the people I'm working with right now,"...
    on Jul 20, 2007 By: Mike Doughty Source: Asbury Park Press

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