good-humored good-humored


  • (adj) disposed to please



  1. Tall, ruddy, good-humored Professor Ames started out to be a lawyer, turned to art, ended up on Dartmouth's faculty 15 years ago.
  2. But during a recent drive from downtown Tianjin to his suburban home, Gong couldn't stop complaining about life, albeit in a rustic, good-humored way.


  • ComFest crowds keeping it mellow

    There was little to worry about. There was a breeze, free music and plenty of fried food at ComFest yesterday. No one really complained about the rules or the lines for beer or henna tattoos. Throughout Goodale Park, good-humored people sported bare feet, bare midriffs and, occasionally, bare breasts.
    on June 30, 2013     Source: The Columbus Dispatch


  1. "You've got to show you can take being the butt of a joke," Lichter said. "Being good-humored about yourself is considered a positive quality. But more important is that people watch these things."
    on Feb 1, 2007 By: Robert Lichter Source: FOXNews

  2. "He has been good-humored, but steadfast in insisting upon reform. He has been tenacious in insisting that Congress cut wasteful spending and in demanding greater resources to strengthen our military," Wilson said.
    on Feb 5, 2008 By: Pete Wilson Source: XETV FOX6 San Diego

  3. "Billy Guerin is the type of guy that walked in on the first day and immediately cracked a joke at our captain," Penguins coach Dan Bylsma said. "That's the type of guy he is. It was a good-humored joke, it was funny, and everyone laughed,...
    on May 30, 2009 By: Dan Bylsma Source: Detroit Free Press

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