glutted glutted  /ɡ ˈlə tɪd/


  1. (n) the quality of being so overabundant that prices fall
  2. (v) overeat or eat immodestly; make a pig of oneself
  3. (v) supply with an excess of
  4. (adj) exceeding demand


  1. But in an era glutted with satire--The Colbert Report, the Onion, JibJab--there is still a special power to an old-fashioned SNL impersonation.
  2. But DVD has become a kind of fetish object for the industry, promising new avenues of profit growth in a market glutted with product.
  3. He predicts that there will be a great boomer sell-off in about 15 years and that the market will be glutted.



  1. "I'd be very surprised if we don't go below the lows we hit this year," said Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, a left-leaning Washington think tank. "We still have a very glutted housing market."
    on Dec 29, 2009 By: Dean Baker Source: Fort Worth Star Telegram

  2. "In the 'old days,' people weren't glutted with entertainment options in their homes. Going to the movies was a spectacularly impressive occasion. Movie houses were palaces and movies were silver nitrates. It was where you courted. You sat in the...
    on Jan 30, 2008 By: Jeanine Basinger Source: Hartford Courant

  3. "The furious mob ...... glutted with spoil, began to cry for blood," wrote Col Churchill. "Men and boys of all ages were forced to apostatise and were then circumcised on the spot ...... women were raped or hurried away to distant parts of...
    on Jan 23, 2009 By: Winston Churchill Source: The National

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