glommed glommed


  1. (v) take by theft
  2. (v) seize upon or latch onto something



  1. Although the tests have been around for more than a century, employers have increasingly glommed on to them for one main purpose: retention.
  2. Sometime in the misty past, most of us glommed onto the idea that life progresses neatly from one phase to another.
  3. Some 20 million pairs of eyeballs have glommed on to the site this year, and logged off with the hamster song rattling away in their brain like a bad Boney M song.


  • Producer Floats Idea of Two Versions of ‘Fifty Shades’: One R, One NC-17

    Lars von Trier’s plan to release hardcore and softcore versions of Nymphomaniac didn’t go quite as planned, but now another developing project has glommed onto a similar idea. Producer Dana Brunetti recently revealed that he hopes to put out two edits of Fifty Shades of Grey: an R-rated one for more general audiences, followed by […]
    on November 16, 2013     Source: /Film


  • "The things I can't glean from it is if they have any vision of the state's future," Freudenthal said. "They sort of glommed onto the ideas of the past."
    on Dec 13, 2006 By: Dave Freudenthal Source: Jackson Hole Star-Tribune

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