glisten glisten  /ɡ ˈlɪ sən/


  1. (n) the quality of shining with a bright reflected light
  2. (v) be shiny, as if wet


  1. He overexposed this shot slightly, allowing the bright daylight to glisten off the face of the bridge.
  2. I'm dreaming of a White Christmas, Just like the ones I used to knowWhere the tree tops glisten And children listen to hear sleigh bells in the.
  3. Beads of sweat glisten, pectoral muscles ripple, veins bulge in steamy close- up.


  1. Exhibit promises a 'Symphony of Color'

    The Gresham Art Committee’s latest exhibit, “Symphony of Color,” tries to capture the “music,” so to speak, of various art forms depicting everything from the implied flapping of painted flower petals to the glisten of blown glass. “This show will highlight the way we make colors move, like in a ...
    on June 20, 2013     Source: The Gresham Outlook

  2. 3 Shimmery (NEVER Sparkly!) Bronzers to Get Your Glow On

    (Photo by Lindsay Schallon/StyleBistro) In a magical world where you can instantly glisten at the swipe of a brush—not a minute spent in the sun, necessary—one of two outcomes can occur. 1) You successfully achieve that covetable day-at-the-beach glow—a totally desirable, healthy-looking, shimmery effect. Or 2) Things take a turn for the sparkly and you end up looking like Edward Cullen on a two ...
    on June 20, 2013     Source: StyleBistro


  1. 2007-06-26 21:04:14 - "Let the splendor of the diamond, pearl and ruby vanish like the magic shimmer of the rainbow. Only let this one teardrop, the Taj Mahal, glisten spotlessly bright on the cheek of time" is what Nobel Prize winner Gurudev...
    on Jun 26, 2007 By: Rabindranath Tagore Source:

  2. The BBC's business editor Robert Peston says: "If we are in for a period of slow steady recovery, in which interest rates rise, gold is greatly overvalued. But if the dollar and sterling were to plunge - well, gold would glisten even more than it...
    on Dec 31, 2009 By: Robert Peston Source: BBC News

  3. "Today is about showing the power of community," Villaraigosa said. "With your help, we're going to wipe out graffiti and make downtown glisten and gleam."
    on Mar 3, 2007 By: Antonio Villaraigosa Source: Los Angeles Times

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