gladness gladness


  • (n) experiencing joy and pleasure



  1. By the strange law of increase, gladness begets gladness.
  2. Never see much gladness; Five-year-plan production.
  3. They know that the other judges of the World Court are not filled with gladness when they espy the ruddy, oval face and trim white beard of John Bassett Moore.


  • Conquerors of the Sky

    Best-selling historical writer Thomas Fleming returns to the historical epic this month, following his more punchy previous novel "Hours of Gladness," a gritty thriller about Irish gangsters in New Jersey.
    on June 28, 2013     Source: Irish Central


  1. "We try to bring the gladness to people if they watch us," Oleg said. "There is no limit to how old you can be. They get pleasure from this, so why do we have to stop?"
    on Dec 23, 2006 By: Oleg Protopopov Source: New York Times

  2. John pointed to the book of Acts as a model of true community: "Observe the increase of piety," he said. "They cast away their riches, and rejoiced and had great gladness for greater were the riches they received without labor. None...
    on Jun 21, 2007 By: John Chrysostom Source:

  3. "If you will take control of your lives, the future is filled with opportunity and gladness," Hinckley said. "You cannot afford to waste your talents or your time."
    on Mar 25, 2007 By: Gordon B Hinckley Source: Salt Lake Tribune

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