gibbet gibbet


  1. (n) alternative terms for gallows
  2. (v) hang on an execution instrument
  3. (v) expose to ridicule or public scorn


  1. The rig looked like a gibbet, nailed to the white railing fence of the newly opened Branchdale Racing Park near Holly Hill.
  2. Back in Paris, at the age of 31, he faced the gibbet of Montfaucon for a second time, was again liberated, sentenced to ten years' exile.
  3. The gibbet has long since given way to a graceful fountain, but Pizarro's spirit still inhabits the Plaza de Armas.


  • Anniversary

    Mr. and Mrs. Gilroy TOM and ELLIE (SAFRINE) GILROY of Chelmsford celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a private family celebration at Gibbet Hill in Groton.
    on August 11, 2013     Source: Lowell Sun

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