gestural gestural


  1. (adj) used of the language of the deaf
  2. (adj) being other than verbal communication



  1. Like Greta Garbo, Wong developed a gestural language for silent film and attached it to her already formidable screen presence.
  2. His Supper has more gestural drama than Titian's arms are flung outward, one apostle's jaw drops.
  3. His Supper has more gestural drama than Titian's -- arms are flung outward; one apostle's jaw drops.


  • Click away in the air with Thanko finger mouse

    (Credit: Thanko) We've seen plenty of gestural alternatives to the standard wireless mouse, but here's one that's lightweight enough to hang on your index finger. The Flick Finger Mouse from the indefatigable gadget magicians at Japan's Thanko lets you manipulate a cursor by pointing in the air and clicking with your thumb. Designed for Windows, Mac, and Android, the pointer has two modes: laser ...
    on June 27, 2013     Source: CNET


  1. "We are a naturally gesturing species that may have first developed language in the gestural domain, and once the brain parts related to language were well developed, then started using speech," primatologist Frans de Waal said in an interview.
    on May 2, 2007 By: Frans de Waal Source: PRESS TV

  2. Oliver says the Silent Drum "opens up new possibilities for gestural control of sound, through the acquisition of traditional and non-traditional percussive gestures."
    on Mar 11, 2009 By: Jamie Oliver Source: - The place for music makers

  3. Tognazzini writes, "That's exactly what Apple has done again with iPhone. Multi-touch gestural interfaces have been hanging around in the laboratory, screaming for release, for as long as the mouse hung around. I've been pushing multi-touch gestural...
    on Jan 19, 2007 By: Bruce Tognazzini Source: MacDailyNews

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