gandhian gandhian


  • (adj) of or relating to Mahatma Gandhi or his teachings


  1. Manmohan Singh said: "Baba Amte's life long struggle to unite people across the length and breadth of the country on national and Gandhian lines and to eliminate all forms of discrimination and bias truly make him a saint of our times. The...
    on Feb 8, 2008 By: Manmohan Singh Source: Indian Muslims

  2. Mrs. Soni said the glasses and other items "were tokens given to individuals in recognition of their Gandhian values."
    on Mar 5, 2009 By: Ambika Soni Source: Hindu

  3. Justifying the hunger strike of Karunanidhi, Dasmunsi said: "He is a great leader and he was simply emulating the Gandhian tradition of expressing his resentment."
    on Oct 1, 2007 By: Priya Ranjan Dasmunsi Source:

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