gamy gamy


  1. (adj) suggestive of sexual impropriety
  2. (adj) (used of the smell of meat) smelling spoiled or tainted
  3. (adj) willing to face danger


  1. Its girlie magazines outflesh their American counterparts and many general publications have large appetites for nudity and gamy gossip.
  2. Her book is as perversely engrossing, gossipy and gamy as a clandestine conversation in the lobby.
  3. The city's gamy reputation drew rakehells from as far north as Chicago, 156 miles away.


  • Peter Schjeldahl: Balthus and Magritte reconsidered.

    The superb Polish-French painter Balthus—an anti-modernist beloved of modernists, including Picasso—charms the eye and rattles thought. For more than six decades, until his death, in 2001, at the age of ninety-two, Balthus depicted young girls in gamy poses, attributing any perceived eroticism to . . . (Subscription required.)
    on September 30, 2013     Source: The New Yorker


  • "The title sounded tasty, so gamy, it had the same sort of subversive appeal that The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles did a long time ago," says Bob Shaye, co-chairman of New Line, distributor of both films.
    on May 12, 2006 By: Bob Shaye Source: USA Today

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