galoot galoot


  • (n) a disreputable or clumsy man


  1. Silverado sprays the buckshot of its four or five story lines across the screen with the abandon of a drunken galoot aiming at a barn door.
  2. He's the star, again in the role of the overbearing underdog, the big galoot who's somehow likable.
  3. He has forgotten how it was when your whole being leaped and bounded, before you turned into a lumbering galoot.


  • Review: CBS cyber-actioner 'Intelligence' has smart weapon in Josh Holloway

    Forget Google Glass: In new CBS cyber-actioner Intelligence, a Google Brain is the new must-have accessory, especially when tucked into the pretty head of likable galoot Josh Holloway, for whom we've hankered since his Sawyer days on Lost . Think of "America's favorite superweapon" — their words, not mine — as the sexiest new laptop in the Apple store. At a time when many of us are begrudgingly ...
    on January 12, 2014     Source: St. Petersburg Times Blogs

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