fuzzier fuzzier  /ˈfə zi ər/


  1. (adj) covering with fine light hairs
  2. (adj) indistinct or hazy in outline
  3. (adj) confused and not coherent; not clearly thought out


Derived Word(s)


  1. The scarier things get, the fuzzier the lines of authority become.
  2. Indeed, that integrity seems to get fuzzier with each new viewer clicking play and, for that matter, with each new dot-com article about it.
  3. Al-Sadr is less accessible, a fuzzier figure than al-Hakim.


  • Emanuel: Property Tax Hikes To Close CPS Budget Deficit May Be Necessary

    Emanuel said he only hopes raising the property tax levies for CPS is a last resort. Knowing administrators’ grasp of math at the Central Office is even fuzzier than the students in the system, you may want to start steeling yourself for it now. [ more › ]
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Chicagoist


  1. "This idea that the strong economy we now have (will continue) and you just get some slightly warmer and fuzzier version of Work Choices if Mr Rudd wins couldn't be further from the truth," Mr Howard said. "The reality is that Labor will do...
    on Apr 23, 2007 By: John Howard Source: The West Australian

  2. "I was frankly surprised that we were able to see it and that it was such a clean-cut experiment," McElroy said by telephone. "I thought it would be much fuzzier."
    on Apr 30, 2007 By: Michael McElroy Source: Reuters

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