futurology futurology


  • (n) the study or prediction of future developments on the basis of existing conditions


  1. If science fiction outlived the OTA, it also gets more girls, gold and glory than its other big rival, professional corporate futurology.
  2. In this century, an entire futurology industry has arisen to satisfy the planning needs of corporations, governments and military establishments.
  3. But in the final chapter, when Thompson soared into a free-form essay on myth as futurology, his intent became clear: he is a man questing for evidence of man's perfectibility.


  • "The BEYOND annual lecture challenges one of the world's leading intellectuals to think beyond the confines of their specialism, and to offer new insights into science, philosophy or futurology," says Davies. "We're in for a treat with...
    on Jan 30, 2009 By: Paul Davies Source: Arizona State University

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