futuristic futuristic  /ˌfju tʃə ˈrɪ stɪk/


  • (adj) of or relating to futurism


  1. The Trident is a good example of why all those futuristic bubbletop cars of GM's Motorama period would never work: The sun would cook you alive under the Plexiglas.
  2. Hailing from Oxford, this art-rock quintet spins futuristic songs about the disillusioned and the disoriented, about aliens and creepsbut often with a glimmer of hope.
  3. You've landed in a place where winged humanoids dart and robots roam about sprawling futuristic cities.


  1. Air Travel by Train

    Swiss researchers have released futuristic designs for attachable modular aircraft that will allow passengers to board a plane at a railway station and disembark at their destination without ever setting foot in an airport.
    on June 22, 2013     Source: Scientific American

  2. Preservation Watch: It's not just Eero Saarinen's retro-futuristic...

    It's not just Eero Saarinen's retro-futuristic TWA terminal at JFK, now landmarked, that has caught the eye of passionate preservationists and architecture mavens. The now-defunct Pan Am Worldport, a terminal topped by a flying saucer (okay, a roof) used by...
    on June 19, 2013     Source: Curbed New York

  3. This Futuristic Weapons System Would Allow Troops To Blow Up Targets Simply By Looking At Them And Pressing A Button

    PARIS — Raytheon Co. is pitching a futuristic new uniform system featuring a helmet-mounted monocle that would let troops target air strikes simply by moving their head and pressing a button.
    on June 19, 2013     Source: Business Insider


  1. "With 'Mass Effect,' BioWare is delivering an incredible next-gen gaming odyssey. Our fans will journey through a vast, futuristic universe as they are challenged to make impactful decisions that will determine the very fate of the galaxy," said...
    on Aug 30, 2007 By: Ray Muzyka Source: TheManRoom

  2. Produced by longtime collaborator Linda Perry, the new and remixed tracks all feature "futuristic sounds with beats driven more towards dance music," Aguilera says. "This time around, I'm playing with this superhero element based on the fact...
    on Oct 31, 2008 By: Christina Aguilera Source: Reuters UK

  3. "I may or may not be the selector tomorrow. But we have to build up Team India with a futuristic projection and we have opted for the best blend of players in the current tour," Vengsarkar said.
    on Jan 21, 2008 By: Dilip Vengsarkar Source: Hindustan Times

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