fruitiest fruitiest


  1. (adj) tasting or smelling richly of or as of fruit
  2. (adj) informal or slang terms for mentally irregular



  • A roistering Irishman named "Jockey" John Robinson, who had made a fortune out of the "finest, fruitiest, most ropey" rye whisky in the region, gave $50,000 too.


  • Apple's New Ad Shows iPhone 5S's Colors Off To Perfection

    Apple 's marketing department has decided that the iPhone 5C should be marketed like a chocolate bar, despite it only coming in the fruitiest and poppiest of colors. Its "Plastic Perfected" ad is 30 seconds of liquid color, while Sleigh Bells croon "Rill Rill" in the background. It makes for hypnotic viewing, watching the liquid swirl around, forming the shape of the phone, while features such ...
    on September 17, 2013     Source: Fast Company Magazine

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