frostiness frostiness


  1. (n) coldness as evidenced by frost
  2. (n) a silvery-white color


  1. And the frostiness has little to do with the subfreezing Midwestern winter and everything to do with presidential politics.
  2. The only thing seasonal about greetings between the ruling Liberal Party and its main, Conservative opposition has been the frostiness of the exchanges.
  3. The warm Gallic welcome ended several years of frostiness between Paris and Cairo and demonstrated a recent shift in the French diplomatic posture with regard to the Middle East.


  • Study: Seattle is one of loneliest cities in U.S.

    Seattle has a rep for social frostiness, in which we don’t exactly embrace newcomers. But what’s the consequence of our so-called “Seattle freeze?” We’re apparently a bunch of lonely hearts. A new study found that Seattleites have some of the weakest social ties in the country, which is surely bad news right around the holidays. That’s according to a survey by health and wellness site Sharecare ...
    on November 27, 2013     Source:


  • Though the two comedians have been trading barbs for years and are set to go head to head again in just a few weeks, Burnett told, "There was no frostiness. We were focused on trying to execute the joke. It would have been a more taxing event...
    on Feb 8, 2010 By: Rob Burnett Source: Media Life Magazine

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