frogman frogman  /f ˈrɑɡ ˌmæn/


  • (n) someone who works underwater



  1. Conversely, the frogman will be protected by a biological filter to screen the air that he inhales.
  2. The plan, the Israelis say, was for a frogman named Salaam as-Skandari, a Palestinian trained by Hajj Bassem, to guide them to the Gaza shore.
  3. He was, in fact, clad in wool underwear, a frogman's suit, a ski suit, a leather suit, several wool sweaters and a motorcycle helmet.


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  • Waters calls the song "the first tri-sexual song ever recorded. ...... Let's play sexual roles, just like Clarence 'Frogman' Henry does as he sings. You want to be the 'boy' this time? You can be the 'girl' too just as long as I get to be the 'frog'...
    on Feb 13, 2007 By: John Waters Source: Denver Post

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