friskiness friskiness


  • (n) lively high-spirited playfulness



  1. But all that increased friskiness doesn't necessarily mean the French are happier and better adjusted in the sack.
  2. From the live-action pup opera Old Yeller in the '50s, to the mixed-media friskiness of this fall's Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Disney has paraded and profited from its pooch panache.
  3. Just two years short of its 100th birthday, the once staid and conservative Sears is showing the friskiness of a teen-ager who has won a date with Tiegs.


  • Your Weekend Love & the Stars

    ARIES (March 21-April 19) ssss Some weekends, the fiery ram does not want to get into the friskiness of a momentary attraction. You might decide to make time for TGIF, but past that event, no. You want a weekend to catch up on errands and sleep. What would make you happy would be to be left to your own wiles.
    on March 14, 2014     Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer


  • David Coverdale calls the Whitesnake Zinfandel 2010 "a bodacious, cheeky little wine, filled to the brim with the spicy essence of sexy, slippery Snakeyness: I recommend it to complement any and all grown up friskiness and hot tub jollies."
    on Jun 14, 2010 By: David Coverdale Source: Gibson

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