fourpence fourpence


  • (n) a former English silver coin worth four pennies


  1. The government-subsidized bus company, which started the trouble by upping its fare from fourpence to fivepence, would go on collecting the higher fare.
  2. But thousands of Britons were mixing the sweetish stuff with their pipe tobacco; it cost only fourpence an ounce, about one-tenth of the price of tobacco.
  3. After two days of Negro footslogging, the Government intervened, arranged for the fourpence fare to continue until a commission reported.


  1. Giovanni di Stefano says, "Do you remember the KitKat?" "The chocolate bar? I do." "And you bought it for tuppence or fourpence." "Sixpence. I can't go further back than that." "Hell's bells, we've reached the limit."
    on Jul 2, 2008 By: Giovanni di Stefano Source: Independent

  2. "For a pippin pie that cost in the market fourpence", warns the pamphleteer Robert Greene, you will pay "at one of the trugging houses 18 pence".
    on Oct 29, 2007 By: Robert Greene Source: Times Online

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