forgivingly forgivingly


  • (adv) with forgiveness; in a forgiving manner


  1. The spirit behind Conrack is so relentlessly idealistic in tone and uplifting in intent that one feels vaguely guilty for not responding to the film generously and forgivingly.
  2. While Lowe forgivingly prayed for him Semple went away.
  3. Sir: Your implication that Minnesotans tolerantly and forgivingly accept Senator McCarthy's nonperformance in office is certainly subject to some extensive qualifications.


  • "Clearly the Iran-Syria axis is a strategic threat to Israel. We don't plan to fall asleep on guard duty, and we won't look in their direction forgivingly, as we did in south Lebanon. This is not a crisis that can be overcome with closed eyes, but a...
    on Sep 20, 2006 By: Amir Peretz Source: Ynetnews

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