forewarning forewarning  /fɔr ˈwɔr nɪŋ/


  • (n) an early warning about a future event


  1. The problem is the new bills were slipped into the economy without any public awareness campaign and minimal forewarning.
  2. With no forewarning, the sun underwent a series of violent eruptions that caused some of the worst magnetic storms on earth in recent years.
  3. Without forewarning his own security people, he pushed out of the Soviet headquarters on his first morning in town, stepped into his Cadillac and roared off.


  • Gloria Huggard Miller Bukowski Part I

    Sometimes we think we have our lives planned out and there is no forewarning that our life is going to be upended by tragedy. That is what happened to Gloria Miller who suddenly found herself a widow at the age of 60 when her husband Richard Miller died in 1993 ending a marriage of 42 years. Their three sons were gone from home by now and with the death of her husband, Gloria found herself truly ...
    on July 4, 2013     Source: Midland Daily News


  1. "Notwithstanding media coverage to the contrary, I was given no forewarning as to the club's decision," said Hughes. "The speed with which my successor's appointment was announced suggests the club made its decision some time ago."
    on Dec 20, 2009 By: Mark Hughes Source: BBC Sport

  2. "It is disappointing that the Queensland government has chosen to increase taxes on EGMs (electronic gaming machines) in the casinos, and even more so that it has been done without any consultation or forewarning," Tabcorp's chief executive of...
    on Dec 8, 2008 By: Walter Bugno Source:

  3. Rt Hon David Blunkett MP said: "The prime task of any criminal justice system is to prevent people from committing a crime in the first place, and then to avoid re-offending. Getting across a clear message, forewarning young people what prison is...
    on Feb 27, 2008 By: David Blunkett Source: TV Scoop (blog)

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