fogginess fogginess


  1. (n) an atmosphere in which visibility is reduced because of a cloud of some substance
  2. (n) the quality of being indistinct and without sharp outlines


  • My fogginess didnt bother me, however, because Id been told to write simply and conversationally.



  1. "Monday and Tuesday, I was bouncing back from it," Frye said in the conference call. "The headaches have left, and the fogginess is gone. I'm 100 percent."
    on Dec 23, 2009 By: Charlie Frye Source: San Jose Mercury News

  2. "I'm feeling a lot better. The 'spaciness' and fogginess is gone. I'm doing cardio and feeling good coming off cardio," said Hamilton, who took in the Broncos' 19-13 overtime loss to Green Bay on Monday night.
    on Oct 31, 2007 By: Ben Hamilton Source:

  3. "It's not responding to rest the way that the others did. The headaches lasted a little bit longer -- the fogginess, the dizziness, the confusion all were a problem. But that's all starting to go away now. At least I can get on the bike and see what...
    on Mar 11, 2009 By: Jamie Heward Source: Toronto Sun

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