flubbing flubbing


  1. (n) an embarrassing mistake
  2. (v) make a mess of, destroy or ruin


  1. The Jags began shakily, flubbing a punt on their first possession and giving New England the ball just four yards from the end zone.
  2. In the first half, a team that had been flubbing assignments all year held Army to exactly three yards by rushing.


  • Donald Trump, Others Defend Miss Utah After Flubbing Question on Equal Pay

    Business magnate and television personality Donald Trump came to the defense of Miss Utah, Marissa Powell, as a growing chorus flooded the 21-year-old with a deluge of mockery online for flubbing her response to a question some think was too loaded in the Miss USA pageant on Sunday night.
    on June 18, 2013     Source: The Christian Post


  • "A lot of it was because I kept flubbing my lines, burping in the middle of my takes," says Greene, 62.
    on Feb 8, 2009 By: Mean Joe Greene Source: USA Today

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