flub flub


  1. (n) an embarrassing mistake
  2. (v) make a mess of, destroy or ruin


  1. A veteran New York City news anchor flubs a line and an obscene catch phrase goes viral on the Internet.
  2. Sometimes you flub it and have to retype the letters, but otherwise you don't think about it much.
  3. Chief Justice Roberts administers the Oath of Office to Obama again Wednesday night after Tuesday's flub.


  1. Say What?!? Neil Patrick Harris Drops The N-Word In Tony Awards Number Alongside Mike Tyson

    It wasn’t a flub of Michael Richards proportions, but normally mild-mannered Neil Patrick Harris , hosting Sunday’s Tony Awards, raised a few eyebrows dropping the N-word during his opening number… READ ON
    on June 10, 2013     Source: RadarOnline.com

  2. Editorial: Still a chance for Perry to address transportation flub

    Topping the list of flubs from the 2013 Legislature is transportation funding. The dropped ball has Gov. Rick Perry’s fingerprints all over it, but it’s not too late to make some kind of gain.
    on June 8, 2013     Source: Dallas Morning News


  1. "I know Lindsay, and I like her very much," Barrymore said. "You just have to try to be as graceful as you can. You know, you flub, you flub. And that's life......I think, do what you want, but just be professional."
    on Jan 4, 2007 By: Drew Barrymore Source: DailyIndia.com

  2. "I had a hard time making a decision what I was going to do," Woods said. "Am I going to throw it up in the air? No, I'll let it roll. No, I'll throw it up. No, I'll let it roll. Decided to go with the flub, instead."
    on Mar 16, 2006 By: Tiger Wood Source: ESPN

  3. "We need to do something to inspire the young people to re-engage, and I think it's going to take somebody who is charismatic, who speaks from his heart and who is not afraid to, you know, flub," Estevez said. "There's nobody out there yet....
    on Nov 13, 2006 By: Emilio Estevez Source: MTV.com

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