flitting flitting  /f ˈlɪ tɪŋ/


  1. (n) a sudden quick movement
  2. (n) a secret move (to avoid paying debts)
  3. (v) move along rapidly and lightly; skim or dart



  1. Soldiers see strange things at such altitudesgenies flitting across the glacier, phantom troops along a ridge.
  2. Here is a snowy white heron flitting along a river of sea grass in the Everglades, the mangrove and palmetto serene as a Sunday morning.
  3. The first hint of trouble would probably be no more than shadows flitting through the darkness outside one of the nation's nuclear power reactors.


  1. S&P upgrades US outlook, but investors yawn

    Standard & Poor’s said it’s more upbeat about the economy, but investors yawned. Stocks edged higher as trading opened, shortly after S&P raised its outlook for the government’s debt rating to ‘‘stable’’ from ‘‘negative,’’ crediting the economy. The market spent most of the day flitting between small gains and losses — a big change from Friday, when the Dow jumped 207 after the US jobs report ...
    on June 11, 2013     Source: Boston Globe

  2. Stocks mixed despite S&P debt upgrade

    Stocks budged higher when trading opened on Wall Street Monday, shortly after the S&P agency raised its outlook for the US government's debt rating and credited 'the strengths of the economy.' But the gains proved both modest and fickle, and stocks spent most of the day flitting between small gains and losses.
    on June 11, 2013     Source: The Christian Science Monitor


    Scandalfest continues. Official Washington is still flitting from one minor controversy to another, with the news media breathlessly reporting the latest leaked email or unsubstantiated accusation. Clearly, the chattering classes have declared the jobs crisis ended and the economic recovery complete.While the Obama administration hasn't popped open champagne bottles to celebrate, the air of ...
    on June 8, 2013     Source: Cynthia Tucker via Yahoo! News


  1. "So we can imagine this little bee flitting around these tiny flowers millions of years ago," Poinar said.
    on Oct 30, 2006 By: George Poinar Source: CTV.ca

  2. Glenister told BBC Radio 2: "I'm flitting from the 1880s to the 1980s on a daily basis. I'm all over the shop."
    on May 17, 2007 By: Philip Glenister Source: Life Style Extra

  3. Bulls' boss Graham Turner told the club's website: "I'm in constant touch with Toumani's agent. He has been flitting between holidays and going back to France. so we've not been able to nail down a meeting, but we will be pursuing that one...
    on Jun 16, 2008 By: Graham Turner Source: Hemel Gazette

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