flimsy flimsy  /f ˈlɪm zi/


  1. (n) a thin strong lightweight translucent paper used especially for making carbon copies
  2. (adj) lacking solidity or strength
  3. (adj) not convincing
  4. (adj) lacking substance or significance


  1. She has a point, however flimsy her logic.
  2. Suddenly, an earth shaking varooom! rattled our flimsy home.
  3. Since there was not even any public evidence that she had died unnaturally, the case against Coppolino seemed flimsy indeed.


  1. 'Love Is All You Need' avoids Hollywood cliches

    Though 'Love Is All You Need' is a light film, it's not flimsy. Set mostly in a scenic Italian coastal town, it's a romance that builds slowly and believably, and its stars (Pierce Brosnan and Danish actress Trine Dyrholm) are ideally cast.
    on June 14, 2013     Source: Detroit Free Press

  2. Kanye West Cheating Allegations Are Flimsy At Best

    Yesterday, news broke that Kanye West had cheated on Kim Kardashian with a model named Leyla Ghobadi. While the story is juicy, it may be too good to be true. Marianne Garvey reports that the model's story is flimsy at best.
    on June 13, 2013     Source: TheFABlife

  3. $68,000 question: Really?

    What the frock?! This flimsy, cheap-looking babydoll dress is the star of the new Saint Laurent collection — and costs a staggering $68,000. The Peter Pan-collared, schoolgirl get-up, featuring a dowdy black bow tie and tiny puffy sleeves, was on display at the famed design house’s new Soho boutique...
    on June 12, 2013     Source: New York Post


  1. Even Sen. Arlen Specter, the panel's ranking Republican, called that explanation "a flimsy excuse" and suggested instead that Muksaey declined to call waterboarding illegal torture because he wanted to avoid putting at legal risk US officials...
    on Nov 6, 2007 By: Arlen Specter Source: Forbes

  2. "Since I am in fact, not guilty, and the evidence is so flimsy, I assume reasonable people understand that it would be neither believable nor sensible if I suddenly started spouting false remorse for acts I did not commit," Black told the...
    on Dec 10, 2007 By: Conrad Black Source: Chicago Sun-Times

  3. "It seemed to me as if the case was pretty flimsy," said James Yee, the former Muslim chaplain at the Guantanamo Bay military prison in Cuba who was arrested in 2003 and charged with mishandling classified material and other crimes in a...
    on Dec 23, 2008 By: James Yee Source: International Herald Tribune

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