flavorless flavorless


  • (adj) lacking taste or flavor or tang


  1. My bison sirloin was so tough and flavorless that I couldn't finish it; the fries tasted of old grease.
  2. Not intellectually speakingby now, spending $30 a bottle for an essentially odorless, flavorless liquid is considered a sign of excellent tastebut the bottle is hard to grip.
  3. It is a privilege few monarchs avail themselves of, for English sturgeon, unlike its zestier Russian cousin, is a flat and flavorless fish unfit for a Queen.


  • Stalking The Elusive, Worthy Apricot

    Apricots are the finest of summer's fruits, with dense, juicy flesh and delicate, velvety skins. That's why it is so disheartening when you bite into one, only to find it is mealy and flavorless. To find the best ones, head to your local farmers market.
    on June 19, 2013     Source: NPR


  • Calling Major League Soccer "a flavorless product at times," Bruce Arena, the former US national team coach who now has charge of the New York Red Bulls, says it is time the league abandon its parity approach.
    on Nov 2, 2006 By: Bruce Arena Source: SI.com

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