five-finger five-finger


  • (n) any of a numerous plants grown for their five-petaled flowers; abundant in temperate regions; alleged to have medicinal properties


  1. It was a fairly modest experiment, as these things go, with volunteers trooping into the lab at Harvard Medical School to learn and practice a little five-finger piano exercise.
  2. Batman Begins, the 2005 film that launched Nolan's series, was a mere five-finger exercise.
  3. Audiences squirm, remember unhappily their own five-finger exercises, their struggles with the metronome.


  • Steal this Track from The Lollygags

    Tomorrow, many of our fellow American citizens will celebrate our independence from England by blowing up their hands with fireworks. You'd better take advantage of the five-finger discount on this track from The Lollygags while you still have five fingers.
    on July 4, 2013     Source: Denver Post

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