finning finning  /ˈfɪ nɪŋ/


  1. (n) the cardinal number that is the sum of four and one
  2. (n) one of a pair of decorations projecting above the rear fenders of an automobile
  3. (n) one of a set of parallel slats in a door or window to admit air and reject rain
  4. (n) a shoe for swimming; the paddle-like front is an aid in swimming (especially underwater)
  5. (n) a stabilizer on a ship that resembles the fin of a fish
  6. (n) organ of locomotion and balance in fishes and some other aquatic animals
  7. (v) equip (a car) with fins
  8. (v) propel oneself through the water in a finning motion
  9. (v) show the fins above the water while swimming



  1. And with that demand comes a practice known as finning, in which only a shark's lucrative fins are taken by fishermen.
  2. It would also ban live finning -- the cruel practice of catching sharks, slicing off their fins and tossing the maimed creatures back into the ocean to die.
  3. The plan sets annual quotas, bans finning and mandates species-specific tracking programs to help scientists.


  1. Shark cause raises $4,000 at benefit concert

    PASO ROBLES — A quest to end shark finning attracted more than 200 people and raised $4,000 at a recent benefit concert in Templeton.
    on June 14, 2013     Source: Paso Robles Press

  2. NE Ohio fishing report: Walleye bite hot

    A great season is shaping up for Walleye on Lake Erie. Bass, panfish, and catfish are really hot inland. Plus, we will go along with a Division of Wildlife electrofishing survey team to see what's finning around under the water of a popular Northeast Ohio lake.
    on June 12, 2013     Source: News Channel 5 Cleveland


  1. "We will continue to pursue our efforts to protect sharks from eradication by the decadent and cruel process of shark finning," Stuart Beck, Palau's ambassador to the United Nations, said in a statement.
    on Mar 23, 2010 By: Beck Source: AOL News

  2. AMCS patron Tim Winton says "Sharks are in deadly strife all over the world and the practice of shark-finning is repugnant. It's simply not acceptable for Australian fisheries to be contributing to the international trade in shark fin and...
    on Aug 23, 2008 By: Tim Winton Source: The Westender

  3. "Finning and Caterpillar are providing much needed additional financial resources to support our teams, our programs, and our goal of becoming the best in the world at every level," said Ken Read, Chief Executive Officer, Alpine Canada Alpin....
    on Oct 22, 2007 By: Ken Read Source: Market Wire (press release)

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