finiteness finiteness


  • (n) the quality of being finite



  1. Limited by his finiteness, he pretends that he is not limited.
  2. The paradox of man's freedom and finiteness is common to all great religions.
  3. The lesson of finiteness is not merely one of limits but also of potential.


  1. Expressing his concern over the limited reserve of conventional forms of fuel, Kalam said "very soon, oil and gas will see its finiteness. It is high time that we realize this factor and work towards the fuel of the future".
    on Mar 13, 2008 By: APJ Abdul Kalam Source: Times of India

  2. "Somewhere between $40 and $50 seems to be the current consensus," Shihab-Eldin said. "The world can rest assured that there will be plenty of oil for decades to come. In the middle of the century we will begin to see the finiteness of this...
    on Feb 28, 2005 By: Adnan Shihab-Eldin Source: Bloomberg

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