fiddling fiddling  /ˈfɪd lɪŋ/


  • (adj) (informal) small and of little importance


  1. Instead of fiddling with the ratings, says PTI TV writer James Poniewozik, the Peacock Network needs to wise up before the Athens Olympics How NBC Stole the Olympic Spirit.
  2. But she never employed a key tool the big 3-D molecular models that Watson and Crick were fiddling with at Cambridge.
  3. After 90 minutes of fiddling, an ordinary hacksaw was used to free the bolt.


  1. 'I just heard screaming:' Boy, 4, critically injured after TV falls on him

    A 4-year-old boy was in critical condition Friday, the morning after a 36-inch screen TV set fell on him as his father was fiddling with the cables.
    on June 15, 2013     Source: KATU Portland

  2. The Feds’ ‘Ultimate Solution’ to Curb Distracted Driving

    NOVI, Michigan — Distracted driving kills more than 3,000 people each year in the United States, a figure that represents about 10 percent of all traffic fatalities. How many of those people die because they were fiddling with their phones ...        
    on June 14, 2013     Source: Wired News

  3. Young People Don't Want to Read Your Boring, Age-Appropriate Books

    Millennials these days are so busy fiddling with their technological gadgets and maintaining their #personalbrands, they have basically forgotten how to read like grown-ups. The youth of today are eschewing realism and historical fiction in favor of fantasy, horror, and sci-fi novels. As part of NPR's month-long look at the media consumed by today's youth, they examine what these modern reading ...
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Gawker


  1. "The Doctor finds himself in a situation where he knows what the end is. It's all about whether he can un-knit the inevitable," Tennant said. "With this particular Time Lord's life coming to an end, if he starts fiddling with the fundamentals...
    on Oct 30, 2009 By: David Tennant Source:

  2. Blanchflower, who was the sole dissenter calling for another interest rate cut this month while his colleagues voted to leave rates steady at 5.5%, said: "Worrying about inflation at this time seems like fiddling while Rome burns."
    on Jan 27, 2008 By: David Blanchflower Source:

  3. "Prime Minister Rudd was elected on the promise that he would be a policy boffin," Senator Milne said. "Instead of that, he's fallen at the first hurdle. He has jumped in with Brendan Nelson in a populist, fiddling at the edges, on fuel...
    on May 25, 2008 By: Christine Milne Source: Melbourne Herald Sun

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