fictive fictive


  1. (adj) adopted in order to deceive
  2. (adj) capable of imaginative creation


  1. NOCs are among the government's most closely guarded secrets, because they often work for real or fictive private companies overseas and are set loose to spy solo.
  2. Chandler's fictive cast talked out of the sides of their mouths; the author was raised in England and given a classical education.
  3. Knowing this, Chryssa prudently went into neon as fictive archaeology.


  • ‘Raising’ Chickens With Mark Twain

    Tom Sawyer, the fictive alter ego of Mark Twain, was no fan of labor. As the famous white-washing scene in Tom Sawyer shows, if Tom could find a way to persuade, convince, or coerce someone else to do the work for him, that would be a task worth putting effort into—not the drudgery of painting a fence.
    on September 2, 2013     Source: via Yahoo! News

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