fibrin fibrin  /ˈfaɪb rən/


  • (n) a white insoluble fibrous protein formed by the action of thrombin on fibrinogen when blood clots; it forms a network that traps red cells and platelets


  1. There was fibrinogen, raw material from which fibrin film and fibrin foam are made, to close wounds and cover the brain in daring, delicate surgery.
  2. The drug activates an enzyme that destroys fibrin, the protein that binds clots together.
  3. The investigators used a natural adhesive called fibrin to anchor the bridge in place.


  • Instrumentation Laboratory Launches HemosIL® FDP Assay in Europe, Asia and Other ...

    Augments Fully Automated Assay Menu for the Detection of Fibrinolytic Disorders BEDFORD, Mass.– Instrumentation Laboratory (IL) today announced the release of the HemosIL FDP assay as a European CE IVD Mark product under the European Directive on in vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices. The assay will be commercialized in countries throughout Europe, Asia, and other international markets. FDP ...
    on July 30, 2013     Source: ThomasNet

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