fibrillate fibrillate


  • (v) make fine, irregular, rapid twitching movements


  1. But if something mental or physical excites the accelerator nerve or stimulates the adrenals to pour an excess of adrenalin into the blood, the ventricles begin to fibrillate.
  2. But hearts across the nation and around the world began to fibrillate at the thought that Quayle might suddenly be thrust into the most powerful position on earth.
  3. On the operating table, Able's heart began to fibrillate.


  • ...Todd Nixon, who performed the surgery, said that Gleeson had significant coronary artery disease and that the notion of a shot to the head making him "fibrillate and pass out . . . is a little weird."
    on Jun 6, 2010 By: Richard Nixon Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

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