fibreglass fibreglass


  • (n) a covering material made of glass fibers in resins


  1. It continued the profile of the mountain it perched atop and its skin was made from fibreglass rods and panels to allow unhindered radio and TV transmissions.
  2. But perhaps the show's spirit is best summed up by Jan Nelson's life-sized oil on fibreglass sculpture of a city slacker in the shape of Degas' The Thinker.
  3. The only way to do this is to flop your chest on the fibreglass, put one leg either side of the back end and kick with your legs.


  • Lancashire Based Langtec Scoop Queens Award for Enterprise 2012

    Lancashire Based Langtec Scoop Queens Award for Enterprise 2012 Honouring outstanding UK companies and encouraging British business development, the Queen’s Award for Enterprise are rewarded to the winners of three separate categories: ‘The increase in Langtec’s exports has resulted in the creation of jobs too,’ says Lee Parnell, the sales manager responsible for retailing a range of fibreglass ...
    on July 14, 2013     Source: Beaumont Enterprise


  1. Craig tells Playboy magazine, "There was a moment filming it when I did more than wince. I was actually sitting on a fibreglass seat that had been modelled to me to protect me. The rope came crashing in and cracked the fibreglass. I flew across the...
    on Oct 19, 2008 By: Daniel Craig Source:

  2. "This team normally builds the clay and fibreglass models of all of our future products, so they are used to demanding timeframes and making full-scale models look like real vehicles," Smith added.
    on Oct 9, 2006 By: Martin Smith Source: (subscription)

  3. "Firewire is using fibre composite technology, not fibreglass, to manufacture the next generation of surfboards that are more environmentally friendly, flexible, durable and lighter than traditional models," Mr Beattie said. "The Rising Star...
    on Jun 7, 2007 By: Peter Beattie Source: BYM News (press release)

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