fibbed fibbed


  1. (n) a trivial lie
  2. (v) tell a relatively insignificant lie


Derived Word(s)


  1. And they are far from the only members who have fibbed on the hugely popular hangout site--her profile bumped her age up a year while he allegedly posed as a high school senior.
  2. We've been trying to suss out liars ever since Cain fibbed to God about murdering Abel.
  3. For years Nebraskans virtually ignored personal-property taxes, fibbed unashamedly to the county assessor.


  • Are you as tall as Davy Jones?

    Davy Jones was famously short — 5-foot-3 on a good day, though he once fibbed and put “5-foot-4” on his driver’s license.
    on June 18, 2013     Source: The Palm Beach Post


  1. Talking about how romance blossomed between the pair, Janice said: "There's a whole lot of reachy reachy, touchy touchy that can take place in a hammock and they were in the hammock every night. He followed her everywhere. Marc fibbed and told me he...
    on Dec 1, 2007 By: Janice Dickinson Source: Sunday People

  2. "He fibbed to get into office. He fibbed when he said the tax increase would be temporary," Norquist said at a news conference with Ballantine at state Republican Party headquarters. "And he did a tax increase that is unhelpful to the people...
    on Oct 19, 2004 By: Grover Norquist Source: (subscription)

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